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    Introducing nms


    A hidden passion for manufacturing.
    We are nms Holdings group.

    Since nms Holdings Corporation was founded, the company has continually lavished high levels of attention on even the finest details of manufacturing. For further business growth, we established a relationship with our EMS companies, SHIMA Electronic Industry and TKR, and recently, some business sections of HITACHI MEDIA ELECTRONICS and Panasonic were transferred to us. With the added technical abilities provided by these manufacturers, we created a stronger manufacturing framework.

    Business Areas of nms

    • 製造派遣/製造請負
      Worker dispatch/contracts

    • EMS
    • 海外事業支援
      Overseas operations support

    • Engineer dispatch service

    • Repairs and customer service

    • Power Supply Business

    History of nms Holdings Corporation

    nms has been actively and vigorously expanding its business at home and abroad in 70 sites in 9 countries, and has grown its company head count to about 12,000 employees.

    Since nms was founded, the company has maintained its unique Monozukuri culture that pays a high level of attention to even the finest details, and created a stronger manufacturing framework.

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    Our Coworkers at nms Holdings Corporation

    Our coworkers are playing an active part in global business operations by utilizing advanced Japanese technologies.

    In line with company philosophy, all nms Holdings Corporation's capable employees pay the highest level of attention to even the finest details of Monozukuri.
    Let us introduce our enthusiastic workers who are playing active roles in Japan and countries around the world.