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    September, 1985 Established Tesco Corporation aiming for contract business of manufacturing field
    October, 1999 Obtained the business right of the outsourcing department of Techno Brain Company
    September, 2000 Changed company names to Nippon Manufacturing Service Corporation
    April, 2003 Opened Beijing office in Beijing, China
    July, 2004 Established Sino-Japan Stafftraining and Dispatch Co., Ltd.
    April, 2005 Started business of dispatching Japanese engineers
    October, 2007 Listed on JASDAQ Stock Market (Currently, Tokyo Stock Exchange, JASDAQ market)
    July, 2008 Opened a representative office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    July, 2010 Acquired SHIMA Electronic Industry Co., Ltd.
    August, 2010 Established Nippon manufacturing International, Vietnam Branch (the first foreign company that obtained an approval for an in-premise contract manufacturing operations)
    December, 2010 Established Sino Manufacturing Service Corporation (first foreign company that obtained China’s domestic approval for a worker-dispatching business operation)
    July, 2011 Acquired TKR Corporation
    September, 2011 Established Sino Manufacturing Service Corporation, Wuxi Branch
    January, 2012 Established Sino Manufacturing Service Corporation, Shenzhen Branch
    July, 2012 Sino Manufacturing Service Corporation formed a business alliance with a government-affiliated organization in Henan Province in recruiting operations
    March, 2013 Sino Manufacturing Service Corporation acquired the governmental human resource company, Wuxi City Binhu District Human Power Corporation
    October, 2013 Part of the operations transferred from Hitachi Media Electronics
    May, 2014 Participated in the research project on contracted manufacture in China
    September, 2014 Opened nms(Thailand)Co., Ltd. in Thailand: Started business of dispatch
    October, 2014 General Power Supply Operations transferred from Panasonic
    December, 2014 Business Tie-Up with Two Cambodian Employee Placement Companies for Dispatch of Workers to Thailand
    January, 2016 Established NMS VIETNAM CO.,LTD.
    March, 2016 Established a representative office in Cambodia
    June, 2016 Completed the construction and started the operation of a Vietnam plant
    July, 2016 Started contract manufacturing in the Vietnam Plant
    July, 2016 nms (Thailand) Co., Ltd. tied up with a Cambodian local company
    April, 2017 Inaugurated the nms Holdings Inc.
    Accompanied by this, our company inherited the Human Resource Solution Business of the nms Group, including worker dispatch for manufacturing/contracted manufacture, and we started the business operation in a new system as Nippon Manufacturing Service Corporation.
    July, 2017 Established NMS Lao Sole Co., LTD
    August,2017 Established Japan Technical Education Organization Co., Ltd.
    January, 2018 Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd. opened Matsusaka Factory, its product design and manufacturing site for the EV field
    May, 2018 Established TKR MANUFACTURING VIETNAM CO., LTD.
    June, 2018 Established nms Logistics and Technical solution Co., Ltd.
    October, 2018 Established PT. NMS CONSULTING INDONESIA
    December, 2018 Established TKR USA, Inc.
    March, 2019 TKR USA acquired the functions and businesses of an operation division of Sony Electronics Inc., a U.S. subsidiary of Sony Corporation, and its production base in Mexico.
    April, 2019 Started business at TKR de México S.A. de C.V.
    January, 2020 Established nms Engineering Co., Ltd.
    March, 2020 Established Power Supply Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
    July, 2020 Established Power Supply Technology (Hong Kong) Co., Limited
    January, 2021 Started business at Power Supply Technology (Hong Kong) Co., Limited